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I'm a Jersey City native specializing in editorial content development and visual art. With 10+ years of editorial experience, I bring creativity, efficiency, and attention to detail to every project.

My artwork focuses on mixed media and the use of vibrant colors. My artwork explores generational trauma, womanhood, and healing, inspired by my dual bachelor's degree in American Studies and Women and Gender Studies.

Explore my portfolio to access my resume, writing samples, artwork, and shop. I hope you find inspiration in the emotional currents that run through my artwork.


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Group Art Exhibits

2020                      Black History Month Celebration, NJ Bar Association, New Brunswick, NJ.

2021                      Artworkers, One Art Space, Tribeca, NY.  

2021                      The Bodega Art Event, 88 Events, Brooklyn, NY.

2021                      I Am Because We Are: Ubuntu Show, Riverfront Gallery, Yonkers, NY.         


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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